ISSN 2184-9218



Archivo Papers Journal (APJ) is a biannual international journal, founded in 2021 and published by Archivo Press, on behalf of the International Association of Photography and Visual Culture.

The journal is devoted to the practice, theory and criticism of photography, understood through an expanded field and ranging across all geographical and cultural contexts. It has an interdisciplinary character that provides diverse scholarly approaches, both practical and theoretical. The interdisciplinary character of the journal is reflected by its Research Network, who are nominated by an international board of advisors and reviewers, and who contribute with their expertise and experience toward the development of visually-based research in photography, visual studies, art history and visual culture, cultural and media studies, documentary, sociology, anthropology, as well as other fields related to image-based study.


APJ aims to provide a significant resource to diverse communities, including academics, artists, curators, independent scholars, undergraduate and postgraduate students, extending to a global audience with an interest in photography and visual culture. It aims  to traverse different disciplines and foster theoretical, practical and critical interventions, creating links between scholarship, artistic and cultural practices.

Furthermore, it aims to:

  • provide an international forum for the critical thinking and research on photography and visual culture.

  • promote reflection and discussion of relevant themes, theories and practices that engage in visual culture research.

  • offer a critical reflection and contribution to the thinking of photography and the technical image across visual arts, humanities and social sciences.

  • provide a platform for in-depth and creative exploration of diverse approaches, theories, methods and visual practice and phenomena.