I opened the drawer and there they were... Lost. Silencing. Absent. Rests of lives.

Memory fragments. Ghosts that witness the dissolution of time and life. Death. 

"Penumbra" is a photographic project that has developed from archive photos found in an antique shop in Oporto. Photos that have lived in shadow for several years and are now in half-light. Despite my attempt to light the photos, to bring them to the present, there is still a dim surface that intercepts light - the absence of identity and memories. 

My work was based on the appropriation of photos that I chose owing to their composition and I made a series of manual manipulations that emphasize the permanent dimness associated with the photos. By using flowers and sand (the sand as a metaphor of hourglass) symbols of "vanitas" to represent life shortness, I wandered between the present and the past.

I aim at illustrating, by  means of images, questions related to the dissolution of time, identity, memory and the object photographic fragility as representative part of our life history. Thus the photos gain a new life, a fragmented  one, though.

"Penumbra" mirrors my ever growing interest in archive and memory, found photography, and appropriation as well as in the study of questions that associate photography with the theme death. 

Andreia  Cardoso (1992, Oporto)

In 2013 she got a degree in Psychology in the University Institute of Maia. In 2015 she became master in Clinical and Health Psychology.

In 2018 she decided to study Photography, art that has always fascinated her. This was the way she found to bridge the gap between photography and psychology. Then she got real interest in portrait and authorial work. In 2019 she finished her professional course in Photography  in the  Portuguese Institute of Photography.

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