La Batallita del Abuelo

(Grandfather's battle)

The project La batallita del abuelo consists of a family photography album, historical research documents from the General and Historical Archive of Defense (Madrid), as well as testimonies from the artist's grandparents. All this information forms the artist book. The book is divided into three parts: first is an indirect witness child of history, second is about the grandfather who resists forgetting his past while suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and the third is reflected in letters and documents that speak of that past.

Darío had a very close relationship with his grandparents. Both suffered Alzheimer's. Although very young, the subject of memory obsesses him. It seems that he has found in him a red thread for his artistic work, which he uses to understand himself. The memory understood as a story that is constructed and polyhedral, with infinite faces.

As a final degree in Art (2018), Darío presented a book he had made from end to end. A book in which he tells the story of his grandfather, and how he reconstructs it, piece by piece, from his memories, from his conversations with him about the Spanish civil war and the dictatorship of Franco.

The project tries to tell how a grandson approaches the memory of his grandfather, who vanishes while Alzheimer's disease progresses. At the same time telling the story of grandfather and his weaving that memory, the memories materialize in the book where he tells that process, those two stories one inside the other.

Elena Villàdas Ollé y Carlos Peralta

Darío Gil Cabanas (1996, Madrid)

Dario Gil Cabanas is a Spanish visual artist. He has been interested in the book format as a narrative, creation and conservation of memory. He investigates with photography, memory and the historical archive; as elements that contribute to the creation of stories.

He holds Arts from Rey Juan Carlos University (ES) and Author photography at Lens School of visual Arts (ES), combined with workshops of artist book and artistic writing.

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