Gabriela Sá (BR) is a visual artist and researcher. She has a MA in Visual Arts at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) and works mostly as a professor and art-educator. She is also a curator and exhibition designer at the Photography Festival of Tiradentes, one of the largest festivals dedicated to photography and related media in Brazil. In her own artistic practice, Gabriela works with different medias and her most recent researches investigates themes such as memory and forgetfulness, history and fiction, the real and the imaginary, all through the archive and its gaps.

Aiming to explore the performative dimension of the archive, Gabriela Sá is interested in exploring the archive beyond its historical, conservative, factual and memorialistic dimensions, through the association of images and documents alongside with performative acts of the language, such as conceptualized by John. L. Austin. For that, she will examine the indexes of performativity in the works of contemporary artists who narrate personal and collective stories, setting in motion the artistic imaginary in intersection with memory and fact. When working with a performative dimension of the material they found and/or produced, artists make use of not only archives, but also of written or oral narratives. Betting on narrative gestures in the formalization of their work, they perform actions, creating performance narratives that deal with collective memory and/or personal stories in a poetic way.

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