The process of coming to terms with the horrors of World War 2, within the context of the family, has often been avoided. Both collective shame and the terrible memories of those family members who participated in acts of war were obstacles to this process. Instead of actively reflecting upon one's own role in the war, most would stay silent. The historical reconciliation with the past was usually left to the schools and education system - hence the focus was moved conveniently away from one's own family members.

This silence is investigated in "Are there trees back in Berlin?" using the medium of photography.

"Are there trees back in Berlin?" does not follow a purely historical and documentary course.

By making use of sombre atmospheric imagery, real pictures from the family archives, polaroids and as well as portraits and video I try to narrate an incomplete history – following last traces - and to illustrate the abstract and indefinite. The interaction between different sort of pictures should cause confusion and the need of reflection in the viewer.

The archives pictures are almost anonymous so that the project wins an universality.

Taboos and silence are nearly present in every family.

Martina Zaninelli, born 1990 in Bolzano (IT), lives and works as photographer in Berlin.

After her degree in modern and contemporary history she attended several workshops. In Berlin she attended the seminar with Linn Schröder at Ostkreuzschule about project development. Her last project “Are there trees back in Berlin?” has been founded by the cultural department of Bolzano, was finalist at DOCfield Dummy Award, was selected for the Discovery award at Encontros da Imagem (Portugal), the book exhibition at Bon Art Book Fair (Iran), nominated in the category "conceptual" of Photography Grant, exposed in Berlin, Athens and Bolzano.

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