Fernando Pereira Gomes

New World Observatory

Portfolio published in ArchivoZine 16 - Society, In the Age of Visual Culture

"New World Observatory" explores the multiplicity of reality, making overt the fact that it no longer exists. It is material interpretation and representation of data, recycled in an indefinite recurrence of simulation. The work presented is created from multiple sources, both real and virtual, which are directly related as being simulations of themselves. These photos depict cold and sanitized urban environments, and the artificially added video game elements explore the subject and the viewer’s relations with their immaculate surroundings.

As Baudrillard states, “the illusion that may have once existed is irrefutably no longer possible because the real is no longer possible.” Attempting to dissect these images will reveal the façade that covers the hollow frames of our existence. These images depict reality as theater “reduced to the signs that constitute it.” Streets and buildings are repeated and scenes become eerily familiar, falling short of convincing their own materiality.

We have grown accustomed to living with the idea of a distorted truth, essentially erasing the latter from our experience entirely. Invisible financial forces and binary sources orchestrate our lives, compartmentalizing our reality into Big Data. Black marble and bright screens build the chambered pillars of our reality, but it is all an illusion. The subjects, locations, and moments in "New World Observatory" become a hallucinatory resemblance of the real as imaginary, employed to reify our existence.



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