© Jacqueline Butler, Unicorn (2016), looped video.

Inspired by Marina Warner’s writing on Phantasmagoria Productions, Robert McFarlane’s writing on Mallory’s failed expedition to Mount Everest and Herbert Pontin photographs of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole, Butler began a search through photography archives for early images of polar expeditions. She was struck by a small collection of photographs correspondence, and news clippings from what is known as The Andre Expedition.

The Andre Expedition, led by the Swedish balloonist S.A Andre in 1897, aimed to be the first to reach the North Pole by hydrogen balloon. The Expedition failed with all three members of the team lost. In 1930 the bodies, and effects of the men were discovered. Amongst diaries and journals there were also rolls of photographic film. Sets of prints were made and sent to museums across the world. By working with this collection, the artist’s intention has been to develop irreal landscapes utilising technologies associated with photography.

This activation of photographic archive through the artist’s interventions do not attempt to document but to remake landscape. This invites a space between the real and the imaginary. There is a re-assemblage and Recreation place as we may recognise it. The work shifts to abstraction and the viewer is prompted to consider what landscape this has become. The artists invites the viewer to contemplate another kind of landscape, landscape as ‘other’.

© Jacqueline Butler, Horizonflux: without light (2016), looped video.

Jacqueline Butler, born in Glasgow is an interdisciplinary Artist working across analogue and digital media, exploring two areas; family through loss and female inheritance, and landscape. Studying PhD at Glasgow School of Art, she weaves old with new technology reflecting on the history of photographic print. She is Head of Media at Manchester School of Art, MMU and one of the Coordinators of Family Ties Network. She is on the Executive Board at Open Eye Photography Gallery, Liverpool and the Advisory Board of The Image International Network. In her writing she recently contributed to Picturing the Family (Bloomsbury Press, 2018)

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