Jon Uriarte


Portfolio published in ArchivoZine 17 - The Vernacular, In the Age of Visual Culture.

"CelebriMe" emerges as a response to the new photographic uses generated by the appearance of mobile devices with cameras connected to social networks. It is an ironic an approachable project that hopes to make its wide audience reflect on the notion of “photography-trophy”, pieces that outline our online profiles with which we nowadays construct parallel identities. To this end, it takes the autograph hunters as a starting point since they pioneered these amateur practices linked to popular culture even before the appearance of digital photography.

Using a great deal of firsthand and appropriated images, the project intends to represent the new visual scenario where we are currently submerged in, where things like veracity have been pushed into the background. "CelebriMe" was born in its innate context -social media networks- where its intrinsic nature provoked an interaction with the spectators. This reaction has been key in transferring the work from the screen into the exhibition space since the number of times each of the project’s one hundred images has been printed has a direct correlation with the amount of interactions it generated online, thus stretching out a bridge between the digital world and the tangible one.


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