Mathieu Roquigny

Portfolio published in ArchivoZine 18 - The Archive, In the Age of Visual Culture.


Trained photographer, Mathieu is the archivist of micro-events, from meal times to bedtime, recording amenities and summarizing the repetitive cycles of our day. In «DIARY», Mathieu creates a special inventory composed of WCs, Sleepers, Bistouquettes, Cendars or others. The protocol is invariable: formalised and systematic, he produces a standardized and typological vision of everyday life.

If the concern for frontality, the recurrent lack of context, and the apparent neutrality of images are inspired by the documentary tradition, his photographs are closer to the caustic world of Martin Parr and amateur practices than to great naturalists.

From ashes to snaps, his aesthetic recalls communication codes transiting on networks where the quip inspired the act. But by chronicling his series long term, like the 4 PM ritual story of his life since 2006, Mathieu expands time to infinity.

Text by Marion Zilio


All rights reserved.

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