Nieves Mingueza


Nieves Mingueza is a photo-collage artist and special educational needs professional in primary schools who, with the series ‘Here I Am’ shows a sensitive, low-key portrait of childhood autism.

The images in ‘Here I Am’ are inspired by her experience in a special school in South London, as a way to connect with the universes of autistic children.

With the help of minimal poetry, the artist links images with a wide range of deep emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Here I Am

Automatic language. Poet’s heart.

Growing up on a swing. Flying like a bird.

Playground. Sound. Song.​​

Loving the smell of books.

Drawing. Puzzling out emotions.

Well done. I got it.

Switch off the light.

The proper distance with the group. Unique. One.

School. She said that I am a little fish. Swimming.

Giving. Giving.

Tears are in her eyes.

I put my tiny hands on her eyes.

White fog and deep sea and dark rocks.

Home. When I sleep I become a plant.

Love you, mummy.

X364 X364 X364 Off the cuff.

Granny is waiting for me with a bird on her shoulder.

This means that over 695.000 people in the UK may be autistic.

If you include their families, autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people.

It’s a gold day. I wrote a poem with just three words:

Here I Am.

Nieves Mingueza

Nieves Mingueza is a Spanish visual artist based in London, focusing on analogue photography, collages, mixed media and other creative processes. She works with vintage and lo-fi cameras, antique photos, archives, papers, books, charcoals and minimal texts. Her inspirations include autobiographical narratives, experimental cinema and ambient music.

Nieves’s work has been exhibited in Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, Royal Academy of Arts, PhotoEspaña2016, Royal College of Art, Les Rencontres Parisiennes de la Photographie Contemporaine, Revela-T Analog Photography Festival, Tate Britain, Nave Gallery, MadPhoto Gallery, (La(b) Gallerie Artyfact and Saatchi Gallery and others.


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