Raquel Bravo


"My father went to the missions in Mato Grosso during the 60s and began to photograph and organize an archive. My mother started to photograph and elaborate the family album just when I was born. For us, photography has been a necessary ritual to integrate fundamental life experiences. But my sister and I have actually learnt all about rituals from the stories from Bororos, Karajás and Xavantes that my father used to tell us. This project is a new montage on my family’s memory pondering the possibility that a systematically silenced culture is a fundamental part of my own, exploring patterns and moments which are feared and repressed.

Searching for the origin is always unsuccessful. It often revolves around the myth of paradise, a place of communication between sky and earth where we are inmortal and live in a state of freedom, spontaneity and friendship. This state of grace is also identified with childhood, during which the separation between the self and the world has not yet been completed. That kind of nostalgia implies a confrontation between a regressive fantasies of totality and the analytical will to recognize difference and incoherence as foundations of experience and the encounter with otherness."

— Raquel Bravo

“A non-repressive form of knowledge that allows for the possibility of simultaneously embracing two contradictory beliefs, one official and one secret, one archaic and one progressive, one that allows the myth of origins, the other that articulates difference and division. (…) It is through this notion of splitting and multiple belief that, I believe it becomes easier to see the bind of knowledge and fantasy, power and pleasure, that informs the particular regime of visibility deployed in colonial discourse. The visibility of the racial/colonial other is at once a point of identity (…) and at the same time a problem for the attempted closure within discourse.”

— Homi K. Bhabha, “The other Question”

Raquel Bravo

b.1981, Spain.

Raquel Bravo Iglesias is a Madrid based photographer currently working as a photography teacher. She has studied with Fosi Vegue and Federico Clavarino in Blank Paper and has participated in workshops with Marta Dahó, Salvatore Vitale, Andrea Copetti and Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin. During 2017 Berocoan is exhibited in Focus Mumbai Festival and Fotonoviembre, and is shortlisted for the 10th Blank Paper Scholarship.


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