The quest to display gender constructions and imagery distinctions buried in social conventions. Feridas is a series of images that sets out to cast a critical eye under the family photographs, casting a harsh light under the representation and construction of the "female role".

Starting with the appropriation of family photographs and taking them as a large universal family archive, the series Feridas aims to throw a critical eye on the female role in the family nucleus and its imaging construction on family albums and photographs.

Through delicate manual interventions - "excavations" in the photographic medium - that completely empty the male figures present in the images, the series bring subtle interrelationships of gender and social conventions to surface. The voids built here allow us to see social norms so naturalized that ordinarily our sleeping eyes do not perceive them.

Through the concealment of masculine identities the images are renewed, allowing another look under the family photographs. In this way, non-identity makes it possible for heavy subtleties and deep-rooted distinctions between the imagery representations of each genre to become visible.

Thaisa Figueiredo (1988) was born Custódia, Pernambuco, Brazil.

She graduated in Social Communication in the Catholic University of Pernambuco in Recife and received a Master's Degree in Art and Contemporary Photography from the Efti School, Madrid, Spain.

Her work is based on the appropriation of collections composed by family photographs, through manual interventions, collages and experimental processes under the photographic medium tensions are created in photographs that permeate our collective memory, questioning the imagery constructions in photography and their uses. Her works have been exhibited in collective exhibitions and photography festivals in Brazil, Spain, France and Portugal.

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