Thiemo Kloss

Dark Blue

Portfolio published in ArchivoZine 16 - Society, In the Age of Visual Culture.

With my series “Dark Blue” I visualise transformations and changes that shape society. My images offer a personal point of view based on my own feelings, experiences and observations that I made in the society I live facing these transformations. Collective consciousness, data, online behaviour, and computer usage are contemplated against the backdrop of transparency, anonymity and desintegration.

The production of the picture is a very work intense process. Each image is constructed out of numerous cut out vertical lines, derived from photographs of one and the same person in dfferent positions. By first painstakingly arranging the lines per shot, I create a set of more or less transparent images, which are subsequently slid into each other.

Since every picture is composed of dozens images of a single individual the pictures also question the idea of a "Decisive Moment“ in photography and the synchrony of modern society. Other central topics of the series are identity, adjustment and exchangeability.


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