ArchivoZine Collection 16

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    ArchivoZine 16 — "Society, In the Age of Visual Culture"

    ArchivoZine 17 — "The Vernacular, In the Age of Visual Culture"

    ArchivoZine 18 — "The Archive, In the Age of Visual Culture"

    ArchivoZine 19 — "New Media, In the Age of Visual Culture"


    Table of contents:


    • Photography and Society in the Age of Dematerialisation.
      Considerations from Philoshophical Anthropology 

      by Hasan G. López Sanz
    • Created Engaged Practices.
      A conversation with Mark Curran
    • In Medias Res. Down-Spaces and Setbacks in Vernacular Photography 
      by Marta Dahó
    • The Constant Flux of Reappropriation.
      A conversation with Clare Strand
    • The Post-photographic Archive and the New Anthropologies 
      by Tomás Zarza
    • Out of Time, Out of Place 
      A conversation with José Maças de Carvalho
    • Images After Images Photography and New Media 
      by Ana Teresa Vicente
    • Image, Apparatus, Programme, and Information.
      Wolfgang Brückle and Mark Durden in conversation with Kurt Caviezel


      Max De Esteban / Thiemo Kloss / Fernando Pereira Gomes / Mahtab Hussain / Hiroshi Okamoto / Nick Schietromo / Diego Ballestrasse / Emeric Lhuisset / Amy Friend / Jon Uriarte / Munemasa Takahashi / Mathieu Roquigny / Leonardo Wen / Miki Hasegawa / Sam Lyne / Arnold Koroshegyi / Andrew Hammerand / Diego Collado / Ana Teresa Vicente / Rachel Philips

    ArchivoZine Collection 16

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    • Four issues of Archivo Zine


      • 2016
      • Softcover
      • 21x25 cm.
      • English/Portuguese edition

    All rights reserved.

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