• ESSAYS
      Lost in fascination by Mark Durden

      Grain, Pixel, Identity and the Labor of the Negative by Margarida Medeiros

      Contemporary Landscape Photographs: The Paradigm of the New Topographers by Paulo Catrica

      A Face in the Darkness. A Photographic Representation in The Context of Portrait by Ana Pereira


      Mark Durden in conversation with Joachim Schmidt 

      Ana Pereira in conversation with António Júlio Duarte 

      Paulo Catrica in conversation with Alejandro Cartagena 

      Olívia da Silva in conversation with Virgílio Ferreira 
      Blackout by Abner Nolan
      Spectrum by Cesário Alves
      Light of day by Hallgerdur Hallgrimsdottir
      Missing by Pawel Szypulski
      Anomalia by Caroline Monnet 
      Other Stories by Karen Miranda
      White Elephants Pass by Me by Piotr Zbierski
      Edgelands by Dara McGrath 
      Blood Flows, and life goes on by Dragana Jurisic 
      Life in Blue by Evzen Sobek 
      In the Landscapes by Donna J. Wan
      Open Space Office by Tito Mouraz
      Natural is the Scene of the Crime by Francesco Merlini 
      Desire Lines by Jan-Dirk van der Burg
      New Vesuvian Landscapes by Gigi Cifali
      Strawberries with Milk by Alnis Stakle
      Atos Alde, Portrayed by the Great Masters by Mariano Icaza
      Castel Volturno by Michela Palermo 
      I Reminesce and Cry for Life by Agnieszka Rayss
      Travels with a Imaginary Girl by Hishashi Murayama


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      • ISBN 978-989-98426-0-1
      • 2013
      • Softcover
      • 180 pages
      • 224x267 cm.
      • English/Portuguese edition


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