The archive of destruction is an evolving structure dedicated to the collection of documents related to specific forms of destruction. By assuming specific types of destructive acts as the scope of its study, the archive reinvests the signification of those acts with a motion that counters their own nature. It artificially preserves that which works against memory, including the memory of the destructive gesture itself, thus rescuing it from a voluntary plunge into oblivion.


Working as a research tool, the archive also explores the potential contained in the destructive gesture of becoming a powerful critical tool, through its character of radical refusal and resilience to confine itself to the present time - the time when the destructive act occurs and against which it rebels.


The scope of the archive is structured around two main guidelines that inform the selection of the documents that constitute it. Namely: destruction in a physical sense - e.g. destruction directed at inanimate objects or structures; - and destruction understood in a more abstract or immaterial sense - destruction that is aimed at ideas, established ideological systems, codes, practices, values, theories, etc. Destruction that is directly aimed at living beings falls outside the scope of the archive.


The archive has no fixed address, and both the content and the presentation forms are fluid and changeable. All of the documents collected in the archive are copies, existing no originals. Its functions go beyond the mere collecting and availability of documents, extending to other types of activities which take the form of departments - including a Geological Department, a Cloud Physics Department, an Image and Communication Department, Department of Stuffed Geniuses and an Archeological Department -, an editorial label - the Editions of the Archive - and an Educational Service.


a cut through the archive of destruction (2011)

Clouds N 38 42.53, W 9 8.96 27-12-12 (2012) 

© archive of destruction

All pictures courtesy of the Image and Communication Department of the archive of destruction.

The archive of destruction is a structure with no fixed address, dedicated to the collection of documents related to actions and ideas the represent a refusal of its basic function: the preservation of memory. Its first public presentation was in 2007, in London, and presently has several departments and sections, an educational service and an editorial label. Among its sporadic materializations and ephemeral manifestations are the following places: Gasworks, London (2014); Museu de Serralves, Oporto (2014); Galeria Boavista, Lisbon (2012); Nam June Paik Art Centre, Gyeonggi-do (2010); Städel Museum, Frankfurt (2008); Formcontent, London (2007). Texts about the archive can be found in publications such as: O Que É o Arquivo?, Documenta/Sistema Solar, Lisbon (2018); Revista Punkto, Oporto (2015); Mnemoscape #1, London (2014); Kaput Art Magazine #04, Athens, (2009). 

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