"… we are increasingly establishing a relationship of exploitation with photography and this creates a distance from its humanistic aspects, connected instead to thoughts and emotions, that is difficult to bridge. Instead, I believe that we need to nurture this aspect, even to challenge it at times, rather than use it solely to achieve an end or generate a product.

I consider photography much more a language than a medium. It is not by chance that the logical label for those who do not neglect the theoretical aspects of their own practice is “conceptual”. But photography is not taxidermy; it is conceptual by nature. It’s an experimental practice, It’s young, It is marvelous, It lives and struggles with us."

Nicola Nunziata

Interview with Antonello Frongia

© Nicola Nunziata, Album. All pictures courtesy of the artist.

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Nicola Nunziata is a photographer based in Milan. He explores the photographic medium and the act of image making, ​the materiality of photographs and the photographic objecthood, ​questioning the relation between authorship and appropriation, originals and reproductions, conservation and interpretation. Often organized in series and conceived as books, his works are realised by photographing and reproducing existing printed matter, archive materials, photographic prints, technical equipment, as well as appropriating images. His books are published by Fw:Books, an independent publisher in Amsterdam. He’s the founder of Op–Fot: an independent photography and moving images agency in Milan (​​.

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