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2012-2022 Commemorative Edition



E-book | 110 pages | 96 ill. | ENG

Archivo Press, 2022

Editors: Ana Catarina Pinho, Alexandra Wilk, Gabriela Sá

Contributing authors: Bárbara Lissa, Camille Relet, Iga Koncka, Laura Bivolaru, Maria Vaz, Shane Caldwell

Contributing artists: Ana Teresa Vicente, Andrea Stultiens, Andrés Pachón, Lesia Maruschak, Rachel Phillips

Amy Friend, Andrii Dostliev, Arnold Koroshegyi, Artur Urbanski, Caroline Monnet, Darío Gil Cabanas, Diego Ballestrasse, Elsa Leydier, Johanna Warwick, Jolanta Dolewska, Martina Zaninelli, Raquel Bravo, Thiemo Kloss

Celebrating ten years of Archivo Platform


This year (2022) marks the 10th anniversary of Archivo Platform. The project was founded in 2012 as an international network that aimed to reflect and debate on photography and its relationship to the way we perceived the world. Such work was developed by focusing on both theory and practice, through collaborations with artists, scholars, and researchers who explored diverse topics across visual culture, from social, political and historical standpoints.


To celebrate this milestone, I am thrilled to present this publication, which has been the main focus of this year’s Internship Programme at Archivo Platform. Interns and research assistants were challenged to look back at the platform’s archive and revisit its publications, while critically approaching them in the light of today. In this context, new collaborations were developed with some of the artists featured at Archivo over the last decade. This resulted in exciting collaborations and in the production of original content that was published in Archivo’s website throughout the year. I am pleased for having shared this platform with a talented group of interns with whom I had the pleasure of working with for this special edition.


Nevertheless, this project would not be possible without the collaborative spirit from contributing artists, scholars, and other professionals in the field of visual culture from around the world. Therefore, this moment cannot be celebrated without acknowledging all past and present contributors and, of course, Archivo’s readers for their continued support and dedication.


Finally, this commemorative edition will be available as a free e-book, as a gesture of gratitude to those who collaborated and supported Archivo Platform over the years, encouraging us to continue this work.



Ana Catarina Pinho

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